Saturday, October 06, 2007

Equipment shopping

The guy at Samy's recommends the Canon HV20A based on my criteria. Sharp, good in low light, small, HD, CMOS, can record in 20P, and you can even attach a prime lens with an adapter thread. Small is key. The price is right too. Just under a grand. If I pick it up next week, between Thursday to Sunday, there's no tax. They're celebrating the opening of a new location in Culver City with a special sale.

On the computer front, mine is crashing consistently. I spent some time today looking for candidate replacements. The 24" iMac looks good. Great screen, and great specs for under two grand. There's a smaller version for just over a grand, but that big screen is nice. The processor and disk are beefier on the top-end model, too. I think I'm gonna do it. It beats having to restart the old workstation every two hours. Sometimes I have to just leave the computer off for a half day.