Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Topics to translate for the yoga teacher training exam

Here are the study topics for the in-class test on Friday night.

  1. Asana points for standing poses, inversions, and others. Study the benefits of poses. Study the reasons why some
    students should not do certain poses. Study the risk factors of poses. What area of the body might be at risk in a pose or cause injury?
  2. Sequencing. What order to put poses when building a class? What are the rules for the "Yoga Works" method? What are the guidelines for linking more than one pose? Study what it means to link poses together and what is too much.
  3. Anatomy. Know the major muscles. Know the anatomical platforms and the three planes of the body. Understand the joints in the body. What do they do and how do they move? Study the anatomy homework.
  4. Terms: Preperatory poses, transitional poses, counter poses, counter actions, simple action, complimentary actions, "roots and rebound" ...
  5. Review notes on hands-on adjustments. Be able to write down description of adjustments.
  6. Philosophy. Know Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga, the vrittis, the first two sutras in Sanskrit and English, kleshas, sukha, gunas, Apanishads, etc. ...
  7. Know good poses for beginner students.
  8. Know the poses that pregnant woman should NOT do.
  9. Study restorative poses.

You will be taking this exam in class on Friday night. I called my friend Eugene and also included him on this email. He might be able to call you.